4 must read tech stories - 3D restaurant menus

9 applications for augmented reality across industries

Forbes’ roundup of augmented reality use cases spans a huge range of industries, from AR in healthcare to retail, airports and more. Forbes also highlights Blippar’s AR campaign with Dixie as a great example of how AR can engage and educate customers -- Dixie’s AR enabled paper cups launch teeth brushing games to encourage kids to brush for the recommended two minutes. Read on for more great AR use cases. Read more

A new lease of life for banner ads, thanks to AR

The effectiveness of banner ads is on the decline -- click-through rates are now as low as 0.05%. But augmented reality offers new opportunities to make them impactful again. By combining AR with banner ads, advertisers can harness augmented reality’s unique, engaging benefits to drive strong results. For instance, Blippar’s web AR campaigns have delivered engagement rates as high as 30%. Find out more about how AR is rejuvenating this form of advertising. Read more

Can’t choose between the burger or the pizza? AR can help

Are you one of those people who agonises over what to order in restaurants? Food chains are now offering customers the chance see meals in AR to help their decision-making. These augmented reality menus let customers visualise meals in life-sized 3D on the table in front of them. This is just one way AR in restaurants can create differentiated and entertaining experiences for customers. Read more

Computer vision can enhance missions & improve security

Computer vision, the field of AI that gives computers a human-level understanding of images, is being integrated throughout intelligence operations to improve safety and security. For instance, computer vision enables surveillance cameras to detect if someone could be a threat by analysing their gait and emotion. And in the future it could help drones perform search-and-rescue operations. Discover more ways computer vision strengthens surveillance. Read more