Blippar promotes its Chief Technology Officer to CEO

This change of leadership marks a period of continued growth as we focus attention on Blippar’s world-leading AR technology stack.

Blippar promotes its Chief Technology Officer to CEO

Blippar today names Chief Technology Officer Preet Prasannan as its new CEO to lead the future growth and strategy for Blippar’s world leading AR technology stack. Prasannan is an engineering focused entrepreneur, he has successfully exited a previous business, iKaaz, to Grab (Southeast Asia's leading superapp) and previously led the Dreamworks India R&D team.

Prasannan initially joined Blippar back in 2015 to build and centralise the technology operations in India, collaborating and leading the engineering efforts to create Blippar’s ‘no code’ AR creation platform - Blippbuilder. After a successful acquisition of his previous startup, Prasannan rejoined Blippar as its CTO and in this role has been instrumental in building the world’s first integration of web-based SLAM AR technology within Blippar’s Saas solutions. More recently, the integration of Blippbuilder within Microsoft Teams which now empower their 270 million monthly active users with an easy to use, collaborative AR creation platform allowing the publishing of AR experiences directly to the web for global access.

‘It has been a great honour working with the best minds in the XR industry at Blippar, and it is an even greater privilege to lead the team. Alongside our world leading AR Studio, we continue to develop and further advance our Blippbuilder and SDK solutions, driving innovation and learning from our community, thus making the creation and consumption of AR content accessible, scalable and seamless.

Blippar has and always will be about ‘Augmenting Reality’ - constantly pushing technical boundaries and innovation whilst never losing focus on the end users and the knowledge, learnings and experiences they gain from consuming this medium.

As the XR hardware landscape evolves and users start to adopt AR enabled eyewear, we will continue to make our vision to be the de facto AR/XR creation platform a reality. As the CEO, I will be laser focussed on taking the platform adoption further, ramping up our developer and creator communities, building industry relationships and breakthrough innovations that build upon and demonstrate the value AR provides to humanity.

I’m very excited to be given this opportunity and look forward to working closely with the strong Blippar leadership, our amazing team, the awesome AR developer community and the industry leaders’.

Over the last few years and to further make AR accessible to all, Blippar has enhanced its AR creation self-service platform - Blippbuilder, which allows anyone to create once and publish anywhere without any coding knowledge. The WebAR SDK provides Blippar’s developer community with highly accurate marker and SLAM tracking technology as well as being integrated with popular frameworks including A-Frame, Babylon.js, PlayCanvas and Unity. This has resulted in tremendous growth and momentum within the business with 25,000+ monthly active users, over 100k creatives using the platform.