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Welcome to Blippar
Welcome to Blippar
We specialise in Augmented Reality (AR) and Computer Vision, the field within AI that understands sight. Harnessing these technologies allows us to bridge the physical and the digital, pushing the boundaries of visual search and user experience.
All our products are built around two core technologies
Augmented Reality
AR enhances (or augments) what we see by overlaying digital content onto the real world. It’s becoming an integral part of the technology landscape, set to disrupt every industry. Right now, it already enhances how we live, work, play, socialise and shop.
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Let us build it Build it yourself ARDP SDK

Let us build it

We can create a custom AR experience for you.

Build it yourself

You or your agencies can use our tools to build AR.


AR without an app. Add AR to a browser or your banner ads.


Embed AR into your app.
Computer Vision
This is our industry leading recognition engine. It gives camera lenses intelligence, allowing them to contextually recognise what’s in front of them. By plugging in one of our computer vision APIs, your lenses can recognise what it sees.
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Car Recognition Face Recognition Object & Logo Recognition

Car Recognition

Detect the exact make, model & year of a car.

Face Recognition

Add individual or public figure face recognition to your products.

Object & Logo Recognition

Recognise everything from fruits to animals.
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