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Create your own augmented reality experiences for the web with our free to get started, user-friendly, no-code platform. Available to use on both desktop and mobile.

  • Create AR to consume on any device: mobile and AR headsets
  • Become an AR creator in just a few clicks, with free access to thousands of 3D models
  • Instantly publish and share your experiences across the web and social media
  • Harness powerful AR features like surface, marker and face tracking
  • Collect real time feedback and iterate as your audience grows



Our SDK puts powerful AR technology in your hands. Our simple to use, state-of-the-art developer kit will have you creating eye-catching AR content for your existing websites in no time. Use our platform to:

  • Add core AR functionality including real time SLAM, marker and face tracking,
  • Compatibility with popular frameworks including PlayCanvas, A-Frame, and Babylon.js
  • Unity plug-in enabling easy WebAR creation
  • Customise your branding and user experience
  • Build compelling projects at a fraction of the cost



Our in-house studio team can help you leverage the power of AR for your brand. With over a decade of experience and valuable insights, navigating projects from entertainment and tourism to CPG, we can help you deliver experiences above and beyond every brief - whatever you want to build, we’ll make it happen. Our expertise includes:

  • Increase brand loyalty and awareness
  • Elevate user engagement and dwell time
  • Driving up sales and conversion rates
  • Delivering on your metrics and KPIs

A Collection of Our Work


We created this immersive, augmented reality road trip for a collaboration between Fanta and Coles supermarket. Users must navigate their way around obstacles and collect as many tokens as possible to keep their tanks fuelled up.

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This AR campaign for 14 Hands' new Unicorn Rose, transports users on a holiday unlike any other, allowing friends and family to join from all over the globe. AR experiences typically allow only one user to interact with scenarios at a time, but now, in an AR first for Blippar, 14 Hands’ Unicorn Rose campaign allows multi-player games.

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Using this WebAR experience, visitors across AT&T stores in the US, could play to win prizes. Cartoon 'heARts' fall from the sky in real-time, made visible through the user's camera feed. The campaign also features a face filter, allowing people to photograph themselves within a frame of AR hearts.

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College Tuition Giveaway

The Dr. Pepper 'Halftime Challenge' is a staple of the American college football championship weekend. To amplify sponsorship, we recreated the challenge as an AR game so that fans at home, and in-stadium, could play along for their chance to win prizes.

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The Kraken

In the celebration of 14 Hands' partnership with renowned ice hockey team Seattle Kraken, we created an AR campaign that could be launched by scanning a 14 Hands wine can. Users could then try out face filters, discover which wine they might like best, and find out where to purchase it.

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Greenstride Virtual Launch

For Timberland, we created an AR-powered shopping experience. As a result of covid, the brand had to cancel their launch event, subsequently calling on Blippar to reimagine the unique, underground setting in AR. Customers were able to interact with the products and click through the experience to purchase.

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Cheerios Winter Olympics

Our AR campaign for General Mills enables Canadians to digitally Cheer on their Winter Olympic team. All across Canada, specific boxes of General Mills cereals now feature QR codes, enabling fans to submit digital cheers to inspire and motivate the athletes. The AR experiences also feature interactive games and the chance to learn more about Team Canada.

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OnePlus Nord LIVE AR Product Launch

We curated the world’s first LIVE AR product launch for OnePlus Nord, which as a result became the “biggest selling phone in its price segment” across Italy, Finland, France and Germany. According to Amazon India, it was the most successful phone launch ever. The content was distributed via 28 nodes across the world, optimising asset delivery based on the user’s location to reduce latency.

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Ketchup Recipe Book

This dynamic piece of AR work enabled users to see their Heinz Ketchup bottles come to life. With the bottle in one hand and a phone in the other, they could explore Ketchup inspired recipes and interactive games. The experience was activated simply by scanning the Heinz label on the bottle and from there they were immersed in a new culinary world.

Nine Perfect Strangers

We worked with Hulu to create an AR experience to launch alongside and promote 'Nine Perfect Strangers', the company's new flagship IP property. The campaign allowed users to interact with key elements of the programme, enhancing their understanding of the series and the characters involved.

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Coco Pops Adventures

Working with Kelloggs, with a focus on engaging children, we created an AR experience that allowed users to transform their box of Coco Pops into a tropical island. Children were able to unlock games and characters. The experience worked in a browser, with no app download required. Real-time tracking of usage allowed Kellogg’s to redirect marketing across all channels.

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KitKat Ocean Salt

Using WebAR, Blippar has helped KitKat launch various new flavours throughout Japan. By activating packs, we enabled users to engage and interact with numerous AR KitKat branded experiences. The Ocean Salt flavour allowed users to enter into a deep sea adventure transporting them deep beneath the ocean surface. By collecting and removing plastic waste, they would learn about plastic waste and the devastating impact this is having on our marine life.

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