4 must read tech stories -- becoming Einstein in VR is improving people’s test results

This VR simulation turns people into Einstein -- and makes them smarter
Tech Times

A new study into VR investigated an interesting question -- can giving people a different identity in virtual reality change the way they think? Participants entered a VR simulation where they experienced Albert Einstein’s body as their own. Researchers tested the participants before and after the VR experience to find amazing results -- not only an improvement in test scores, but a decrease in age bias. Read more

Coca Cola combines football and AR to bring fans closer to the World Cup

The World Cup dream may be over for England (still too soon?), but at least there’s some AR fun to be had. A new AR experience by Coca Cola brings fans one step closer to the pitch. Through augmented reality, passersby can play alongside Swiss player Xherdan Shaqiri and take photos with him as if they had met him in real life. This is a great example of how AR can be used to create brand experiences that reflect their customers’ interests. Read more

Retailers can’t ignore the value of augmented reality
Retail Tech News

A third of UK consumers believe augmented reality in retail makes their shopping experiences better. And over half of the same group surveyed showed a desire to be served information through AR. This highlights a new area of opportunity for retailers to engage consumers, enhance shopping experiences and drive more sales. Read on to see how AR can be introduced into customer journeys. Read more

What’s behind AR’s huge growth?
Venture Beat

The AR market is continuing to experience impressive growth. So far in 2018 the number of AR companies has grown by 50%, and all sectors of the AR landscape have continued to receive steady investment. The majority of growth has been attributed to consumer apps for mobile AR, but there was notable growth in other categories including AR smart glasses, 3D tools, AR SDKs, and AR in enterprise. Read more