Face tracking now available by using the Blippar WebAR SDK

The all new Blippar WebAR SDK is an industry-leading facial detection system which allows you to use any face as a digital canvas to build exciting AR experiences and increase user engagement for your brand.

Face tracking has the potential to significantly benefit your brand in various ways. Here’s some key advantages:

Interactive ad campaigns:

Face tracking allows you to create interactive and engaging marketing campaigns whereby your audience can try-on products virtually or experience branded face filters and effects, and share these experiences across social channels. These types of interactive content are already proven to increase brand awareness, user engagement and deliver commercial value.

Virtual ‘Try-On’ experiences:

For brands in industries such as cosmetics or eyewear, using webAR based face tracking technology provides an effective and easy channel to allow your consumers to virtually try-on and experience products on their face. Customers can easily use their mobile devices to see how products will look on them before making a purchase. This can reduce the hesitation associated with online shopping and increase the likelihood of purchase.


Placing your audience at the heart of any immersive AR experience is proven to elevate engagement and the likelihood of sharing with others. Using any head movement or facial gestures as a method of control or user input, brands and businesses can immerse users into fun game environments controllable using their face or obtain valuable user preferences by a simple movement of the head either to the left or right. The creative possibilities are vast.

Learning experiences:

Use face tracking to create interactive and engaging learning experiences, making educational content more immersive thus helping students stay focused and interested in subject matters.

Brand differentiation:

Using face tracking sets your brand apart from competitors by demonstrating a commitment to innovation and customer-centric experiences.

Brand accessibility:

Face tracking can be experienced across all mobile devices, tablets and desktop. Your customers can easily access branded experiences at the tap of a button from your website or social media channels with no app download required.

Contact the Blippar team to discuss how you can start using face tracking or any of our AR technology solutions and to learn of the value that AR provides.