Just launched: Babylon integration

Rendering engine Babylon.js is now integrated into our WebAR SDK

We’ve integrated Babylon.js into our WebAR SDK, enhancing surface and marker tracking in your AR experiences. The rendering engine allows the addition of subtle qualities in order to create more realistic models – distinguishing seamless augmented reality experiences from the rest.

See the effects, including life-like shadows, in this animation.

See the effects, including life-like shadows, in this animation.

Powerful yet simple, Babylon.js is fully open-sourced, and designed to make the development process faster and easier, while unlocking new ways of working.

The Babylon.js rendering engine is supported by WebAR SDK v1.2.0+, and features:

  • Physically Based Rendering (PBR), allowing the creation of more realistic models

  • CPU/GPU based Particle systems to generate real-time sparks, smoke and fire visuals

  • Soft transparent shadows, as shown in the animation above

  • Game engine

Lighting is essential to the realism of a scene. With Babylon.js, your shadows can become even more realistic using rendering capabilities for transparent objects. And with the introduction of real-time PBR filtering, advanced refraction and reflections are just a few lines of code away. 

This Babylon integration makes it even simpler to bring vivid, realistic experiences to life using our WebAR SDK. Read our documentation here.