AR in schools updating Yearbooks for the Digital Generation

Walsworth Yearbooks, one of the largest printers of yearbooks in the US, has a reputation for driving yearbook innovation. It was the first company to offer augmented reality for yearbooks, and Walsworth continues to improve their capabilities, allowing schools to find new ways to use yearbook-enhancing AR tools.

Our partnership with Walsworth gives its members access to our AR creation tool. Members can use the drag and drop interface to quickly and easily add augmented reality to their yearbooks. For example, they can bring their yearbook covers to life in 3D animation, launch videos from images of sports teams to show sporting highlights, and much more. The AR content is launched using Yearbook AR -- a white label AR app we created for Walsworth on iOS and Android.

From coast to coast, schools in Walsworth’s network have access to augmented reality. Hundreds of schools have added AR to their yearbooks so far, and we expect more to do so by the end of this year.

Walsworth’s use of augmented reality not only offers delightful and immersive experiences for school leavers, it also enables schools to incorporate digital content with its yearbook design, making sure no memories are left out.

Walsworth’s AR app in action

AR in schools updating Yearbooks for the Digital Generation

Minisink Valley High School in New York is using Yearbook AR to include the many photos it has on hand but can’t fit into the books. The school has added additional content in augmented reality, which, thanks to Yearbook AR, it is able to update even once the deadline for printing has passed.

Kat Hoolan, a teacher at the school, said: “My deadline is in April, but our field day is in May. Now I’ll be able to put in a slideshow or clips of what happened at the field day, and that’s something that has never happened before!”

Braden River High School in Florida delighted its students with a yearbook packed full of AR content -- check out the video below to see. The school found the use of AR a great way of driving buzz and sales for the yearbooks.

Braden River High School's AR yearbooks

“Yearbook AR merges the tradition of yearbook with the modern innovation and digital capabilities of augmented reality,” said Don Walsworth, President. “The addition of Yearbook AR gives schools the opportunity to add an interactive layer to the excellent yearbooks they’re already producing.”

Walsworth’s AR app ensures it continues to drive yearbook innovation and innovation in printing as whole.

Hear from more Yearbook AR users and find out more in Walsworth’s press release. Get in touch to find out how augmented reality can work for you.