Fast Company names Blippar one of the most innovative companies in the AR/VR space

Fast Company today announced its annual ranking of the world’s Most Innovative Companies and we are honoured to be included. The lists recognises pioneering companies across 36 categories from gaming to wellness. Fast Company editors, reporters and contributors surveyed thousands of businesses to compile the final rankings.

We are thrilled that Blippar was named as one of the most innovative AR/VR companies and was called out specifically this year for launching the industry’s first augmented reality advertising unit. These web-based AR experiences can be launched from any digital advertising unit, social media post, email or website. And for our breakthrough in location-based AR which uses computer vision to determine a user’s location with more than twice the accuracy of GPS. This technology has broad applications for many industries including tourism and mapping and can be tested in our AR City app (iOS only).

These technologies form part of our augmented reality and computer vision ecosystem that lets you recognise the world in front of you (via computer vision) and overlay digital content onto it (via augmented reality).

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