Smart packaging: AR can educate shoppers on the origins of food

We are proud to be a part of the Visual Trust Initiative -- an end-to-end solution that allows Chinese shoppers to check the quality and origins of their food simply by scanning an item with the Blippar app. The initiative is powered by Blippar, Transparency-One and SGS and Carrefour is the first international retailer to take advantage of the technology.

When shoppers scan products they can access quality certificates, test results, location details and images of the relevant farm, as well as nutritional information. This provides full supply-chain transparency from farm to fork.

Herve Martin, National Food Safety and Quality Director for Carrefour China, said: “A trusted supply chain means full supply-chain transparency from farm to plate. The Visual Trust initiative launched in partnership with SGS is a key element for our customers.”

About SGS, Transparency-One and Blippar

  • SGS is a global expert in testing, inspection and certification. Active in 140 countries it brings credibility of information, such as quality certificates

  • Transparency-One is a supply chain transparency solution based on powerful graph technology. It can map supply chains from farm to fork to collect key product and facility information

  • Blippar's technology leverages advanced image recognition, computer vision and augmented reality to enable shoppers to scan products or packaging with the Blippar app to unlock essential product information


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