How Kraft and Blippar built a deliciously popular summer campaign

To celebrate summer, Kraft teamed up with Blippar to build an extensive interactive campaign across America celebrating the joy of cheeseburgers.

Blipping 14 different Kraft products found in Walmart – including Kraft burger buns, Singles cheese slices, Philadelphia, Miracle Whip, relish, salad dressing and barbeque sauce – launches colourful content for shoppers to play with as they walk around the store.

The Great American Bacon Cheeseburger blipp offers recipes, photo booth fun with country singer Brad Paisley, the chance to enter a sweepstake, and redeemable Paisley Points.

The foodie blogosphere was very excited by the interactive experience, and several bloggers – including Lunchbox Dad, 365 Days Of Baking And More, and Home Maid Simple – were commissioned to review it, all offering terrific feedback and excited praise.

AdWeek also featured the campaign, writing: ‘This is the second campaign that Kraft has run with Blippar in the US and includes more content and prominent calls-to-action based on learnings from the smaller test with Stove Top during the holidays. “Historically, our only option to deliver recipe content in-store has been recipe cards,” Gina Allgaier, director of marketing at Kraft Foods said. "I just think [augmented reality] is more engaging, and it’s the way that people are consuming content today." ‘

The campaign runs throughout the summer and the recipes will be updated in July to keep the blipp fresh.

Tasty stuff.