We've made multi-player AR games possible

Players can go head-to-head in our new 14 Hands' Unicorn Rosé experience

Our recent AR campaign for 14 Hands' new Unicorn Rosé, transports users on a holiday unlike any other, allowing friends and family to join from all over the globe.

The pool party can be brought to life in two ways; users are able to scan a physical Unicorn Rosé can or bottle, in addition to sharing a link directly and across social media.

We've made multi-player AR games possible

AR experiences typically allow only one user to interact with scenarios at a time, but now – in an AR first for Blippar – this campaign allows for multi-player games. Thus, doubling the effect of marketing and usage stats.

Transported to a pool party, each player can see the exact position and progress of their opponent, made possible by Real-Time Communications (RTC). Blippar custom-built this RTC server solution specifically for the 14 Hands project, allowing for a completely seamless, two-player experience.

Viewing on desktop: start AR experience by scanning the QR code below with your phone.

On mobile: click this link to start.

We've made multi-player AR games possible