Exciting news! We're extending the Blippar family by acquiring Layar

Today we're very proud to announce that we have acquired Layar, a key pioneer in bringing augmented reality (AR) to mobile devices since 2009.

With this acquisition, we have established one of the biggest data footprints for consumer AR use around the world- another exciting step on the path to turning the physical world around us interactive!

By bringing the two businesses together, we look forward to harnessing Layar’s technical insight and practical know-how and combining it with our own to effectively ‘own’ the AR and visual browsing space, and sow the seeds for mass consumer adoption.

“We started Blippar with the vision of delivering high-quality, engaging, ubiquitous consumer augmented reality through a ‘browser’ of the physical world,” said our CEO Rish. “In only 33 months we’ve gone from building prototypes in the living room of my flat to connecting millions of consumers to thousands of brands around the world, making the verb ‘to blipp’ synonymous with AR experiences. To me, Layar has always demonstrated that it shares this vision of an augmented world. Now working together as one team, we will further define what consumer augmented reality needs to be, and what will be required to deliver it on a global scale as an intuitive daily behavior.”

This move will extend our ability to deliver the highest quality AR experiences to the maximum amount of consumers. We will be able to target the entire AR market by combining the R&D capabilities of both businesses, whilst maintaining the companies’ relative target market positions.

The challenge of becoming the ubiquitous browser for this behavior is immense and one that requires as many smart heads and experience as possible- so a huge welcome to the Layar team, we look forward to joining forces and working together to build a new, interactive world!


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