Meet our updated SDK with AR kit and AR core integration

We’re excited to announce the release of a new version of our augmented reality SDK (software development kit). Version 3.0.0 offers new features that allow our users to create even better AR experiences. Read on for some of the key features.

Harness marker-based SLAM

Our augmented reality SDK now has a new marker-based SLAM mode -- a native AR (ARCore/ARKit) integration. This removes the need for ‘peel’ mode. It allows a user to view the AR experience within their own environment, even once they’ve moved away from the marker. This enables you to anchor objects in the real world. This also means you don't need to create a separate experience for iOS (ARKit) and for Android (ARCore) -- you can create it using one tool and publish to both platforms at once.

Add video streaming

You can now stream video in your AR experiences, rather than embed. The video is hosted on a video streaming server and loaded during playback, which results in much faster download and launch times -- in some cases by tens of times.

Access the camera frame in your app

You can now offer more varied experiences based on what your users scan through the camera frame. You can examine the contents of the camera images, do your own processing on them such as machine learning (AI), or even send them to a server yourself.

Read the full release notes here.

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