4 must read tech stories - Magic Leap’s big reveal

Magic Leap’s long awaited AR headset is ready for release

Magic Leap is finally ready to release its first AR headset. The ‘Magic Leap One Creator Edition’ will be available to developers -- in limited quantities -- for $2,295. Although the headset is currently aimed at developers, it does have some consumer-friendly programs too. Users can watch Icelandic band Sigur Ros perform in AR, and use a sandbox experience to paint, build and draw in AR. Watch this space for the opportunities the headset will create for AR developers and brands. Read more

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Improving the lives of disabled people using augmented reality
BBN Times

AR has the potential to help disabled people live a better life. Shopping is one day-to-day activity that can be particularly difficult for wheelchair users. But with augmented reality, people can scan shelves to find out more about products that may be out of reach, and collect items in a virtual cart. This is just one way AR could really improve the day-to-day lives of those less physically abled. Read more

Emerging technologies are driving better quality advertising
Tech HQ

AR, VR and artificial intelligence are paving the way for consumer-first, relevant and meaningful advertising. In particular, AR in advertising, such as web AR, can create unique and interactive advertising experiences. Paired with AI, advertisers are better able to understand a consumer’s state of mind based on their interests in order to inform optimal ad-buying decisions. Find out more about tech-driven advertising. Read more

How can AR benefit enterprise?
The Manufacturer

Augmented reality in enterprise can save companies significant cost and time -- a report by Gartner predicts AR could increase company profits by more than $1bn annually. One key application of AR in enterprise is to provide better support to technicians and engineers. With augmented reality, they can see visual demonstrations of how to solve complex problems in real time, which is proving much more efficient than referring to a paper manual. Read more