4 must read tech stories -- how do consumers perceive AR?

New study reveals important insights into consumer AR
Venture Beat

What do consumers expect to experience when a brand launches an AR experience? A recent study looked into the question, and suggests that brands could benefit from being more thoughtful about how they position augmented reality in the minds of consumers. Practical AR applications, which offer consumers utility, are likely to be received better than AR that is purely for entertainment. Read more

A beginner’s guide to immersive tech: how augmented reality is impacting industries

AR is creating a new generation of hardware and software applications for enterprises and consumers alike. These applications are benefitting a diverse range of industries, from construction to real estate and education. For example, estate agents can let prospective buyers take virtual tours of properties in augmented reality -- particularly useful for overseas buyers. Read on to discover how different industries are embracing immersive tech. Read more

AR glasses will help facilitate the next generation of AR apps
Retail Tech News

Augmented reality is becoming increasingly democratised. Anyone can create augmented reality with tools such as Blippar’s AR creation tool. This is making more and more every day experiences immersive, including how children learn at school and how art-lovers consume art. AR glasses will enable AR to deliver even more value to the end user in the future. Find out what the future holds for AR apps. Read more

The future of theatre, made possible with augmented reality
The Stage

Augmented reality could give rise to a new form of theatre production. The tech could enable performances to take place anywhere people can congregate, with the set added in AR. Augmented reality could also enhance performances in actual theatres with a digital layer of immersive, 3D effects. This will create exciting opportunities for theatre production companies to modernise and offer something new and different. Read more