4 tech stories you don’t want to miss -- films are becoming interactive & immersive with AR

These AR and VR films bring people closer to complex, important issues
The Guardian

A new breed of immersive filmmaking is enabling viewers to engage more deeply with important issues. For example, one interactive AR and VR film immerses viewers with underwater ecosystems, letting them swim with otters and whales. Another puts viewers in the shoes of a customs officer who has been asked to interrogate a young American about her recent trip to Pakistan. Find out how these thought-provoking experiences drive empathy and awareness. Read more

Will augmented reality be the next big thing in the workplace?

Augmented reality is continuing to prove its effectiveness as a workplace training tool. For instance, AR can assist nurses when finding a patient’s vein. It can also help engineers install new devices through virtual demonstrations. Not only does AR make training more enjoyable and practical, Blippar conducted a study to find that those who studied using AR performed 150% better than those using paper materials. Read more about the impact of augmented reality in the workplace. Read more

Your future shopping experiences -- from robots to AR mirrors

Soon your shopping experiences could be guided by “digital sales associates” -- from roaming robots to augmented reality mirrors. They will be ultra-smart, tapping into your tastes, preferences, what you’ve purchased in the past, and what you’ll likely want to buy next. In particular, AR mirrors will create exciting opportunities for retailers and shoppers alike -- imagine being able to see how different outfits look at a quick tap of a button. Read more

Augmented reality puzzle games are challenging gamers & job applicants
Next Reality

‘Escape rooms’ -- the hugely popular real world puzzle games -- are also being made in augmented reality. One example is The Lockdown, which transports players 10 years into the future. Players have to examine clues, which appear in their real world via AR, to track down a hacker. These entertaining augmented reality games are not only for gamers -- the format is also being used to challenge job applicants as part of the recruitment process. Read more