Blippar in the News - Should You Pay Attention to AR Marketing?

Should You Pay Attention to Augmented Reality Marketing?
Chief Marketer

Marketing applications for VR are already being explored, but in many ways, the applications for AR marketing are more immediately practical. AR does not isolate the user in an entirely virtual world and can integrate with existing marketing campaigns better. Lisa Hu explains that “Blippar campaigns have an average dwell time of 75 seconds,” a number that is “2.5 times the average of radio or TV ads.” Read more

AR and VR add clout to visual marketing for SA brands

“These technologies are still the stuff of stories.” Although augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence have been prospering all over the world, it has yet to fully impact those in South Africa. However, augmented and virtual realities are ready to make their mark in South Africa and could be a game changer in visual marketing for the retail and tourism sectors in particular. Read more