What Type of Flower Is This? Visual search by Blippar

You know the feeling. Walking along and spotting a beautiful flower, but now knowing what it is. What’s the next step? Trying to search using text to determine the type of flower. Possible queries may include:

“Little white flowers in bunches with green leaves”

“Big whitish purple flowers that turn brown when they fall off the tree”

“Looks like a rose but fluffier and doesn’t have thorns”

Of course, such a system rarely gathers accurate results. Time and again text search fails us. When you know exactly what you are looking for it works great, but when it comes to seeking information about what’s right in front of us it falls short - especially when you don’t know what you’re looking at and don’t know how to describe it. The age of consulting wildlife books for identification is far behind us. You should be able to identify a flower visually, without using vague search terms and scrolling through pages of results - and now you can with Blippar, the visual discovery app. get.blippar.com

If you simply blipp (scan) any flower, Blippar then uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to identify exactly what that flower is. Blippar provides you with a wealth of information instantly, and far more easily than would be possible with text search. It is the best and most useful tool to tell you exactly what you are looking at - and more. Want to know the name of the plant? Blippar can tell you. How about the Genus? Blippar has you covered. Native region? Best growing conditions? Cultural significance? Blippar can tell you all three.


What about related flowers and objects? For example, you come across a rose and your natural sense of curiosity prompts you to want to learn more. Blipp the rose, then use the knowledge graph to see what it’s connected to. Of course, you’ll be able to see other species of roses, but you’ll also come across other information, such as the etymology of the word “Rose” and it’s connection to the Greek language. Blippar’s knowledge graph functions similarly to human thought processes, so if you’re curious, Blippar will be there to help you discover more.


How often do you come across a lovely blossom and ask “What type of flower is this?” Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to identify - accurately and quickly - the specifics about nature? Instead of searching “plant with a bunch of red flowers that hang off the branch”, let Blippar help you discover more about the world around you.

We see flowers almost every day, and we all love them. Why shouldn’t we be able to identify them? If you’re curious and want to discover more, download the app now to start blipping. get.blippar.com