Blippar in the News: Comic Book Battles Rape

Survivor as Superhero: Why This Comic Book Matters in the Battle Against Rape
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"The technology is an added layer on top of what I believe is beautiful story telling. Augmented reality is a major part of our comic experience for those who do have access to tech, and by scanning the comic book with the popular augmented reality app - Blippar, you can view animation, real-life stories, and other interactive elements pop-out of the pages." Read More

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Martech: What Bussinesses Need to Know

"Augmented reality is another innovative example of martech currently being embraced by businesses. Augmented reality, or AR, is when a digital feature is superimposed upon a real world image. While this has previously been considered something of a gimmick, improvements to smartphone technology have seen more and more businesses embrace augmented reality as a genuine marketing approach. More than a thousand brands have signed up to mobile AR application Blippar, for example, which overlays digital content onto physical objects." Read More

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What Does Google’s D-WAVE, Blippar, and Machine Vision Have to Say About Where Media is Heading?

"Ambarish Mitra of Blippar is building a next-generation app that acts like a Wikipedia of the Physical World. By just pointing the app at everyday objects, the app identifies and categorizes nearly everything in the frame. The app launches in two weeks in an effort to become a visual browser. Blippar’s app currently lets you photograph a product and instantly get information like price, nutrition information, and where you can buy it. Soon the app will let a user just point the camera at a wide range of items and identify them in real-time." Read More