Webinar: How Augmented Reality will be the ‘new normal’ for brands and advertisers

Thank you for signing up to attend Blippar’s webinar on “How Augmented Reality will be the 'new normal' for Brands and Advertisers”, where the focus was on AR use cases by industry vertical created using the Blippbuilder platform. 

We had an overwhelming response to the webinar which was oversubscribed and if you could not attend there is a link at the bottom of the page which gives you access to the video recording. 

In the webinar, we demonstrated how Blippar’s platform solutions can offer WebAR capabilities on markers with web-based image recognition where users can experience augmented reality on the web browser. The platform can support WebAR with 3d animation, 2d animation, green screen CGI video, motion path animation, dynamic lighting and many more features.

We wanted to take the opportunity of doing a Covid19 related handwashing demonstration to recognize the invaluable work done by healthcare workers all over the world. All of us at Blippar are in awe of all you do and this live demo was dedicated to you.

The webinar is available for viewing on YouTube. 

If you have further questions or to discuss any commercial opportunities, please write to us at info@blippar.com 

We ran out of Q&A time on the webinar so here are some of the most frequently asked questions from the day:

Q: What makes Blippar different from other creative agencies?

A: Whilst we do have a studio capability we are not a creative agency, we are a technology company that licenses Blippbuilder our content creation tools. Some agencies and brands prefer to leverage our experience of having created over 18,000 AR experiences before and we’re happy of course to leverage our team of award-winning creatives to support them.

Q: How does Blippar compare with ARkit or ARcore?

A: BlippBuilder is an AR content creation platform that allows creatives to build AR experiences that leverage the AR capabilities on a smartphone leveraging the ARkit and AR core mobile tech stacks.

Q: What’s the difference between Blippar and Facebook Spark and Snap’s Lens Studio?

A: Blippar is a cross-platform solution that allows content to be created once and shared everywhere including Facebook and Snap but also on Google, WeChat and anywhere on the web or through any headset

Q: Which browsers do your WebAR solutions support?

A: Safari and Chrome which means support for over 95% of smartphones globally. 

Q: How much does it cost to use the platform?

A: The pricing information is available on this page. 


Q: Can we create AR for iOS and Android OS from the platform?

A: Yes, you can create AR content for both platforms and the web too. Blippbuilder also allows you to create and maintain content for your apps and publish them into iOS and Android without having to update them.

Q: Do you support green screen transparent videos on WebAR?

A: Yes, we do support green screen videos on WebAR. 

Q: Is it possible to run multiple WebAR experiences from multiple objects and images?

A: Yes – you can. For example, if you are a gallery or a publisher and you have many images you want to trigger WebAR experiences from the Blippbuilder platform will support that. 

Q: How do you trigger a WebAR experience?

A: You can trigger WebAR from a URL (link), straight from smartphone camera scanning a QR code, an ad unit banner, social pages like Facebook and WhatsApp, WeChat and more. 

Stay safe!

Blippar Team