Bringing the Augmented Reality Education to your home for Free

Augmented reality creation and publishing has been emerging as a tool, that is transforming the classroom for better for a few years now. With schools being closed and classrooms moving to the home, now is the time for augmented reality to transform learning at home and enable all kinds of home-schooling whether it is teachers running digital classrooms or parents engaging in teaching kids about certain subject matters.

Although AR is still emerging, there is an interesting opportunity now to engage the hundreds of millions of children who are sitting at home and make learning more simple as well as find new ways to fulfill their curiosity with AR.

We, at Blippar, are making our augmented reality creation and publishing tool, where no coding skills are required, free for educational use for the next 3 months. All students, teachers, and educational institutions can sign up immediately here.

Augmented Reality has many benefits for education and particularly learning at home, here are a few examples

Discovery-Based Learning

This kind of learning is great to answer the natural curiosity of kids. Using our tool Blippbuilder, educators, publishers, parents or students themselves can attach AR experiences to objects of curiosity from where they can learn about the object via a video just pointing your phone/tablet.

Its already being tried by many museums or discovery-based subject models like astronomy, etc.

2D/3D objects modeling

AR can be used for both web-based environments or any app via Blippar SDK where students can create or be engaged by a 3D life-size model of an object, or concept, or random entity.

Explaining the concept of rotation and revolution using the example of the solar system can be beautifully explained in augmented reality taking education to a whole new level of concept retention in students/learner’s minds.

AR Books

AR books are books that pop up with digital and 3D experiences of the story or concept from the page making it a lot of fun for the students. When glasses become mainstream the Harry Potter way of learning will become more common. You can use Blippbuilder today to make any page or picture interactive and see for yourself how learning is so much fun with augmented reality.

AR Gaming

Gamification of learning with quizzes, treasure hunts with high engagement with the physical world makes it fun and learning more relevant for learners as context plays a big role.

Skills Training

AR can be used for all kinds of re-skilling people and not restricted to K12 education. Whether training people with a lot of mechanical aspects to their jobs. AR can help people learn how to correctly complete a task and superimpose the optimal version of the job over the real version the skilled worker is practicing.

There are several other benefits of using augmented reality in education learning and training, which include

- Improved learning curve

- Improved development of the spatial understanding of space and objects

- Increased creativity

- Improved memory and knowledge retention

- Increased motivation

Augmented reality is benefiting the education industry by not just focusing on reading and writing but also on understanding and experiencing.

If you wish to become part of this big trend of changes in education please reach out to us and benefit from our 3 months free trial for education purposes.