4 tech stories you don't want to miss -- AR can bring the World Cup to your tabletop

Watch the World Cup on your coffee table with AR

With the World Cup kicking off last week, it’s not just bets that are being made -- AR and VR football experiences are too. The BBC has created an app to let you watch all 33 matches in VR. And in the US, “Soccer On Your Tabletop” recreates the matches in AR so you can watch them on your tabletop. The system is still in its early days, but it gives a glimpse into how AR will create new ways for us to enjoy sport in the future. Imagine being able to gather round a table with your friends and see all angles of a match -- not just a 2D view on your TV screen. Read more

AR: driving memorable experiences for shoppers & tangible results for brands

Even with the rise of online shopping, being able to see and touch a product is crucial for shoppers -- and is a main reason they choose to go in-store rather than online. This is why more and more retailers are adding AR into their marketing mix. With AR they can let shoppers virtually try-on a pair of sunglasses, explore the interior of a car, and more. Adweek explains why brands need to pay attention to AR now more than ever. Read more

Augmented reality caters to the need for personalised marketing
The Drum

As well as giving shoppers a virtual look at products, augmented reality lets brands make an emotional connection with consumers. It provides a tool to communicate brand stories in a way that is authentic and personalised -- two characteristics of brand marketing that are becoming increasingly important to audiences. For instance, AR can tap into emotive milestones such as buying a first home, showing consumers how furniture would look in their actual rooms. This is a huge contrast to consumers passively browsing online stores, catalogues or showrooms. Read more

AR and VR are paving the way for the future of theme parks
Venture Beat

Theme parks have been using immersive tech for some time now -- Disney World uses VR headsets in several of its rides to make them more immersive. But now theme park designers are turning to AR. Not only does it evolve current special effects technologies, it creates totally new entertainment opportunities. Theme parks of the future could link to a visitor’s ‘gamertag’ and generate a personalised game in AR to suit their preferences and level of skill. Read more