4 tech stories you don’t want to miss -- could AR & VR make teleportation possible?

Augmented reality creates a more personalised world
Management Today

Augmented reality not only creates immersive, interactive user experiences -- it makes them more personal. Management Today cites Blippar’s navigation app AR City as an example of this. The app layers AR onto your real world, making “regular map apps seem flat and unrelated to your personal experience”. Discover more augmented reality examples that benefit retailers, brands and consumers. Read more

Augmenting high-end fashion
Fashion United

How can a fashion brand that was founded in the 1800s point to the future of fashion? Burberry -- now over 160 years old -- is one of an increasing number of fashion houses to embrace augmented reality. From scannable ads that immerse consumers in the scene from the image, to guiding shoppers through stores, find out how AR is disrupting traditional high-end fashion. Read more

Wearable devices: new AR opportunities on the horizon

This week at Apple’s developer conference, Craig Federighi took to the stage to allude to the possibility of an Apple AR wearable device. Wearables enable users to activate AR with “no pocket pullout” required, and will give rise to the next generation of AR experiences. Watch this space for the exciting opportunities this will create for AR developers and their clients. Read more

10 predictions for AR & VR
Venture Beat

How will augmented reality and virtual reality shape our future? These 10 predictions consider a future where offices are obsolete, cars turn into entertainment centres and virtual-assistants become our best friends. Venture Beat even considers the possibility for teleportation! Read more for a glimpse into the future of AR and VR. Read more