Scaling Up Our Educator Community

How Blippar for Education is bringing interactive learning environments to more and more schools.

Regular readers will know that our vision here at Blippar for Education is to turn the world into an interactive learning environment. They’ll also know that a key element of that strategy is to build a community of educators using our technology to make their classrooms, printed materials and student-generated content “blippable”.

We love writing blogs which lift the hood on what we are up to. We’ve covered some of our jaw-dropping R&D projects, our product development process and our educational research so far. This week, we wanted to shine the spotlight on how we are bringing huge cohorts of educators onto the platform, and why.

One of our newest and most impressive products is actually one that our users will rarely see. It’s a flexible and incredibly efficient tool which allows us to create accounts, and then on-board, a large number of users. In our case, those users are educators. So this tool allows us to work with districts, school boards and government authorities to build our technology into all of their classrooms. We’ve put months of time and effort into testing and perfecting this tool, and it’s great to see it already being put into action by several districts around the world.

So, why was this solution so important to us?

We want districts to be able to bring the power of Blippar to every educator and every student. We want to show how effective interactive classrooms are across age groups, subject areas and ability levels. We want to encourage collaboration and long-term project work, within and between classrooms and schools.

Lovelace Student using Blippar

That’s what we mean when we talk about an “Educator Community”. A community is about more than just access to a platform, however ground-breaking and powerful the Blippar platform is. A community is based fundamentally on the interaction between its members. Our goal has always been to help our educators to discover, share and comment on new content; to work with each other to connect their classrooms, across walls and borders; to support one another as they use our tools, sharing tips and advice and in the process helping us to develop and perfect those tools.

So with that vision always at the front of our mind, the more scale and activity we create in our Community, the more powerful it will be. We can’t wait to learn what features will make it even better, and to develop them for our rapidly expanding user base. We’re talking to districts, states, educational organizations, charities, and even some national governments. When we say we want to “turn the world into an interactive learning environment”, we really mean it.

If you are interested in turning your classroom, school or whole district interactive, get in touch at