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Augmented reality in education
The power of augmented reality for education is the layer of creativity, interactivity and engagement it can add to an object or subject. AR learning can help students with varying abilities by decreasing the time it takes to grasp complex topics. It’s an effective way to bring ideas to life in the classroom or at home, letting learners visualise how something works.
For example, it is far more engaging and fun to witness a volcano erupt before your eyes, or fly through the solar system before stopping to learn about each planet. AR makes learning more memorable and easier to understand that way.
How it works
At Blippar, we want to give educators, educational publishers, cultural institutions and workplaces the tools to make learning more interactive, fun and effective. It all starts with our AR creation tool, called Blippbuilder. This easy-to-use tool lets you, or even your students, create your own augmented reality experiences to bring lessons to life.

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration before building your own AR experiences (we call these blipps), check out some we’ve already made.
AR can be used in every subject
We’ve created a series of educational blipps for you to download and use. If you would like to create your own content, simply sign up to Blippbuilder, our self-service platform.
Explore AR
Captivate your students with an erupting volcano. The blipp launches a 3D model of a volcano which erupts and then opens into a detailed cross section explaining each element. A quiz invites students to label each aspect of the volcano to show what they learned. Download marker
Education- Physics
Exploring the solar system has never been so captivating. Explore planets in 360o. Tap into each to learn more. Or even stop off to take a walk on the surface of Mars! Download marker
Grown your own virtual sunflower, a bit like a tamagotchi. You have to answer the plant biology questions correctly to water your plant. Don’t let it die! Download marker
Let your creative juices flow. Colour the butterfly and then see it come to life and flutter around the classroom. Download marker
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