Actions and Events - now available within Blippbuilder

Blippar is revolutionizing AR experiences for the ‘no-code’ AR creator community with the release of Blippbuilder’s 'Actions & Events'.

Blippbuilder, the ‘AR for all’ augmented reality creation & publishing platform, has introduced a revolutionary feature called ‘Actions & Events’. This powerful feature further empowers AR creators with unprecedented authoring power to craft interactive, immersive, and highly engaging AR experiences, all without the need for any coding knowledge.

The Blippbuilder platform, which has achieved massive adoption already within the world of AR creation, is now set to disrupt the landscape further with the integration of a visual design engine - Actions & Events. Utilizing the node graph editor opens up limitless capabilities by linking unlimited nodes together. This feature signifies a big advancement within the "no code" augmented reality platform arena.

What exactly is ‘Actions & Events’?

The feature represents a set of functionalities that empower creators to trigger specific animations, responses or behaviors within any AR experience, enhancing interactivity and engagement within Blippbuilder.

Actions are user-initiated or predefined interactions within an AR experience. Actions can be triggered when a user taps on any object. For instance, when a user taps on an object, an action could be set to display additional information, play a video, or provide a link to a website. The ability to create user-driven interactions within AR opens up a world of possibilities, from interactive advertisements to educational experiences.

Events are pre-defined conditions or triggers that activate specific responses within an AR environment. They can be set to occur automatically based on various criteria, such as time, location, or user behavior. An event could be used to change the appearance of an AR object as the user taps on it.

For example, the automotive industry can allow customers to see different colors on a vehicle before making a purchasing decision or students could trigger a volcanic eruption in a science lesson.

Commenting on the potential of Actions & Events, Blippars’s CEO, Preet Prasannan expressed:

"The Actions & Events feature empower designers, marketers, educators, and creative minds to explore new frontiers of AR interactivity and engagement, allowing users to engage with content in more meaningful and immersive ways. It's a game-changer for the industry and opens up a world of creativity and innovation, bringing powerful AR creation to a broader audience of creators."

Blippbuilder is truly bringing power AR creation into the hands of the masses, making it more accessible and capable than ever. As AR continues to gain adoption across many industries and sectors, this innovation has the potential to redefine the way AR creators can further augment reality.

What next?

Blippar is actively working on introducing Gen AI into the platform that will supercharge creation of experiences and the ability to visualize them on web, app or any AR glasses or headwear without barriers of content or asset generation.