Blippar ramps up AR capabilities for 2021

2020 was a big one for Blippar – we created many amazing augmented reality (AR) experiences for our clients. Take a look at a retrospective of our work here:

Last year we moved with speed and agility, and in 2021 we will take that a step further. 

For over a decade, Blippar has been a trailblazer at the forefront of AR. The technology is now moving away from being exclusively for the ‘tech savvy’ and B2B use cases into the mainstream and advancing to now engaging the masses. Covid-19 brought huge changes that have driven forward the technology’s adoption across a wide range of sectors from marketing and e-commerce to entertainment, education and publishing.

While the tech giants are developing AR tools these are within their own walled gardens creating issues around interoperability for users. At Blippar, our focus is on meeting demand across sectors, with a flexible approach that allows our AR platform to be used by anyone.  

As Niklas Zenstromm, who I worked with in the early days of Skype, used to say; “it’s not the big that beats the small, it’s the fast that beats the slow.” To move fast you need to simplify  – this year we will do that by focusing on our suite of AR content creation products. To move fast you also need to navigate changes decisively, something we learned to do early on as a start-up.

Focusing on making the Blippar AR platform the go-to AR creation platform for  agencies, enterprises and AR content creators, and delighting users with our award-winning studio content, will also address the market need for a cross platform, “build once, deploy everywhere” solution, outside the confines of the slower walled gardens.

With a decade of experience and a growing team of world class technologists, innovators and experts, Blippar is ready to meet the growing demand and use cases for this exciting technology. Follow us on social to keep up to date, or subscribe to our newsletter if you don't want to miss out.