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Augmented reality (AR) promises to enhance the way we live, work, play, socialize and shop. Consumers now switch between the real and digital worlds constantly and expect brands to cater for this. Augmented reality marketing is a powerful tool to achieve this, it lets you communicate at key moments drawing consumers in by offering value rather than pushing out content indiscriminately. Finally and crucially augmented reality advertising provides data and insights about how your audience is engaging with and using your product.
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There are so many ways you can use AR, it would be impossible to list them all here. But here’s a flavor
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Augmented reality for Brands - Retail
AR in Retail
Augmented reality gives you the best of both worlds. It combines the things we love about shopping online -- personalization, ratings and reviews -- and the great aspects of being in an actual shop -- having a rummage and the thrill of a chance find. Meanwhile, at home it can feel like the products are there with you.
Augmented reality for Brands - CPG & FMCG
AR lets you transform your product or packaging into a media channel. Meaning you can communicate with your audience at key moments with relevant, contextual and always on messages. Drive sales with product info, reviews and virtual try-ons at moments of consideration and purchase. And drive usage and loyalty with an enhanced experience at the point of consumption.
Augmented reality for Brands - Smart Packaging & Sustainability
Smart Packaging & Sustainability
AR enabled packaging lets you tell your brand stories and be completely transparent about what your product is made from and where it originates in an engaging way. Blippar partners with SGS to provide transparency at every stage of the supply chain, connecting consumers to farmers through the power of AR.
Augmented reality for Brands - QSR
Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)
AR can increase basket size by up-selling meal deals and offers. It can also drive loyalty and frequency with fun, social activations that enhance the dining experience. Encourage diners to return through serialized content and collectibles. Garner trust by being transparent about where your food comes from and what it’s made of.
Augmented reality for Brands - automotive
AR can put you in the driver’s seat of any car and let you take it for a spin. It could also help you understand all those confusing symbols on the dashboard. We’ve all experienced that panic when one of the lights comes on as you rummage through the pages of the manual. Wouldn’t it be easier to just scan the dashboard and it tells you exactly what that means. Low on oil. Phew.
Augmented reality for Brands - Beauty
Make it far easier for consumers to try your products. Let them virtually test that bold red lipstick. Or provide AR tutorials to guide them to the perfect smoky eye. Let your products or adverts unlock all the information a potential buyer or user needs -- reviews, complementary items, tutorials and more.
Augmented reality for Brands - Pharmaceuticals
AR can explain how complex medicines work with rich, interactive AR tutorials. Find the right over the counter products with an AR recommender for medication and dosage. Ensure patients are taking their medication correctly to ensure effectiveness with self-tracking and gamification.
Augmented reality for Brands - Staff Training
Staff Training
Create better sales assistants by providing augmented reality sales aids to showcase the benefits of your products. Research shows that visualising instructions improves recall. Whether you’re educating your staff on a specific process or your brand values add AR for more engaging and memorable training materials.
Augmented reality for Brands - Publishing
Transform your print media into interactive portals. Bring static print to life to tell more immersive and engaging stories. Add animations, videos, ecommerce and so much more to the pages of your magazine, newspaper or book.
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