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Our automotive API uses deep learning and computer vision to recognise any US car built since the year 2000, with 97.7% accuracy. It can detect the exact make, model and year. Ideal for automotive-related companies and services, this computer vision API can be integrated into any app or website. Our Car Recognition API was independently verified and found to be the best in the world in terms of scale, speed, precision and recall compared to competitors whose technologies are publicly verifiable.

There are a wealth of use cases, below are just a few of them.
Car recognition api computer vision image visual search | Blippar
See it. Scan it. Drive it.
Integrate the Automotive API into your app to enable users to scan any vehicle in the street or from an image and see content relevant to that make and model. For example, once you’ve embedded the API, depending on what content source you have, you can show nearest dealerships, insurance quotes, pricing and specs. Or allow a user to book a test drive or get insurance quotes.
Car recognition api computer vision image sales tool | Blippar
Empower your dealership staff
Make it really easy for your dealership staff to access all the up to date information on each car model simply by scanning a car on the forecourt. Real time pricing, up to date specs and features options all available in an instant, depending on what content you choose to create.
Car recognition api computer vision image image tagging | Blippar
Image tagging
Organize millions of online and offline car images and videos instantly with human accuracy. Reducing costs, saving time and minimising human error. Hugely beneficial for automotive publishers and other automotive content owners to improve their search results.
Car recognition api computer vision sponsored content | Blippar
Premium listings
Offer sponsored content or premium listings based on visual search results powered by Blippar’s auto API, which can help to create a new revenue stream.
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