AR for Print & Publishing

Bridge your print magazine to your digital content

Augmented reality helps tell engaging stories that jump off the page. You can add extra value with videos, audio, images and animations. By encouraging interaction you can drive more traffic online. Our AR creation tool Blippbuilder can help you do all this and much more.

Benefits of AR


    • Add rich interactive experiences
    • Multimedia overlays and interactive front covers
    • Add gamification and treasure hunts

    • Drive traffic to further online content
    • Add a direct response mechanic to ads
    • Track audience engagement

    • Offer AR as a service to advertisers
    • Measure ROI for print ads
    • Drive subscriptions by offering more value

Popular AR features

3D Models

Upload your own 3D models or choose from our library. Animate and add texture using images and colour.


Use scenes to add multiple layers to your experience...just like scenes in a play.


Using our animation tool you can move, bounce, scale and fade your assets in and out of scenes. You can also add multiple animations to an asset.

Move, bounce, scale and fade your assets in and out of scenes. Add multiple animations and utilise the timeline feature for full customisation


You can add a video, green screen, stream from Youtube and play them full screen or in the AR space.

Upload or stream video/alpha-channel videos, turn packaging into video product manuals, business cards into showreels and a photo into a conversation.

Call to action

Drive immediate action by adding CTAs. Make a purchase, visit a website, add a calendar event and more.

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