AR for QSR

Transform the dining experience

AR can upsell meals and offers. It can also drive loyalty and frequency with fun and social activations to enhance the dining experience. Encourage repeat visits with collectables and episodic content. Increase consumer trust with transparency on where your ingredients are sourced and how sustainable it is.

Benefits of AR


    • AR navigation e.g from a billboard to your door
    • Exclusive location based offers
    • Web AR ads

    • Gamification & competitions
    • Collectibles that are unlocked each visit
    • Shareable social activations

    • Showcase sustainability commitments
    • Track food’s journey from farm to fork
    • Transparency on ingredients & nutrition

Ready to get started?

Our team of strategists, designers and makers will craft an AR execution using the latest technology to ensure you meet your business goals. We understand what makes great AR whether that’s in your app, our app or on the web.

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